Gor Revisited
     First I would like to point out that there are no pictures on this page that anyone could possibly find objectionable.  The pictures on the pages that follow are pretty innocuous too, but there is no accounting for people's attitudes, so I do not promise that you won't find something to object to somewhere either in the content or the visuals; therefore consider yourself warned. l
    This page is neither the webpage for a Gor chat site or a "how to do it" introduction to online Gor.  It is an overview of the whole subject, the books, the philosophy, and online Gor.  Some of it is favorable, some of it expresses reservations, but it attempts to be fair minded, and is the view of someone who has been familiar with the subject for more than twenty-five years.  It is also the views of someone who has also written and published a sci/fi fantasy novel with some of the same elements of domination and submission that are so central to the Gor books.
    In conjunction with our book, Mythosphere, my wife Catherine and I decided to add a webpage.  One of the pages on it was called Sword&Sorcery Modern which discussed modern fantasy, including Edgar Rice Burroughs, Robert Howard, Fritz Leiber, John Norman, Sharon Green, and J.R.R. Tolkein.  The John Norman part quickly grew unweildy, and so I decided to add a John Norman page, which quickly turned into several pages with their own index page.  Some of these pages have the original site navigation for the larger website in the left hand margin, but I have left that off for this page, thinking that it would add more clutter and confusion than help.  Below are listed the places you can get to from here with buttons to take you there.
Gor:  Page #1
   This page deals with the  question of pornography, of whether the books were censored, the literary qualities and originality of the books, and of whether the Gorean philosopy, if it exists has any validity.  There are two other pages of discussion, one dealing with the individual books and the other with online Gor.  These can be reached from Page #1, and are nice to look at, aside from the content.
Sword & Sorcery:  Modern
    This page deals with modern Sword & Sorcery literature, starting with Edgar Rice Burroughs, and continuing through Robert Howard, Fritz Leiber, John Norman, Sharon Green, Boris and Frazetta, and J.R.R. Tolkein.  When I realized that Gor could not be properly discussed in so small a space, I decided to add another page, and ended by creating this whole site.  The essay on Sharon Green should be of interest to those involved with Gor.  She has many of the same themes and situations.  A back cover of one of her books reads, "If you like John Norman you will like Sharon Green."  
Gor & Mythosphere
    This page deals with themes and issues in common between the Gor books and my novel, Mythosphere, which we hope to make the first of a series. 
    This is the central index for this whole sprawling complex of web material.  Our site, Meadhall, was created in conjunction with our novel, and was fairly ambitious to start with, as shown by the site directions in the column at the left.  The bank of buttons at the bottom of the page, however, show how much it has grown in the process.
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Saahirah's Erotic Poetry Page:  This is a collection of erotic,
Gorean oriented poetry by Saahirah, drawn from her own experience.