Hello, this is the cover of our
sci.fi. fantasy novel.  It is the story of a virtual reality playground well on its way to becoming an actual world.  It is presided over by the Olympians, an extended family who own and manage the virtual world as well as serving as its gods.  It is a complex story with multiple characters and plot lines meeting, crossing, separating and joining, and is projected as the first of a series of Mythosphere books.  The second, Murder in Mythosphere is well underway, but we have shelved it for the time to put up this website. Mythosphere is not a large world, as worlds go, but is still too much for two people to do justice to, so we hope that readers will submit additional Mythosphere stories that we can add to this website.
    I have always loved sci fi/ fantasy book covers.  At the best
they are filled with the strange, the exotic, the enigmatic; they
are action-packed and sexy, sexy in the most obvious ways, and in subtle, subconscious ways.  They suggest a whole new
world of unimagined possibilities that tickle the back of the brain.  Unfortunately, there is too often less in them than meets the eye.  The few authors that have managed to create densely imagined settings and characters have nost most of the sexiness and magic that draws one to such books in the first place.  More often the style is plodding, the characters flat, the
situations conventional, and the plot thin.  The setting has a few flashy facades that turn out to be cardboard sets on an empty lot.  More than anything, I wanted a world with real texture, with things behind things behind things, and a plot with a scale and complexity that matched real life.  And I wanted to keep it strange, mysterious, and sexy.  With Mythosphere I tried to
create a book I would want to read.  It does have a lot of characters and a lot of settings, as many as the book could hold.  Cat and intend to write more books, but no matter how many, I now realize, we can never cover all the ground.  If you, the reader, wish to explore this world further, send your stories to Jackandcat@earthlink.net.  We will put them on the website if they are literate, recognizably connected to the world of the book, and not pornographic, racist, or otherwise totally appalling.  Push the boundaries, don't obliterate them.  I gather that we are not going to make a lot of money doing this, but there is some satisfaction in making a world, or even being a big part of making one.
    Below are the prologue and first chapter of Mythosphere in a text document and a word document.  If you need a different format, please contact me at jackandcat@earthlink.net.
mythosphere word doc
mythosphere word doc
mythosphere text doc
mythosphere text doc
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